A Troublesome Tooth

Teeth are part of our body’s infrastructure—and like any infrastructure, they can break down. Bacteria can cause decay; old silver fillings become brittle and cause tooth fractures. Our bite can cause fractures too—especially if the teeth do not hit evenly. A tooth that has become decayed or fractured is likely to get worse unless it is restored. 

That’s where you come in. It’s your choice to protect your teeth, and your decision how they should be maintained—but it’s not always an easy decision. 

That’s where we come in. We make choosing your dental care simple and straightforward. We perform a thorough examination, take digital x-rays and give you an accurate diagnosis of what’s wrong with your teeth. 

We explain what you need to know about your teeth before choosing treatment:

Strength – is your tooth strong, or is it in need of reinforcement? If a tooth has been weakened by decay or fracture, a filling may not offer enough protection. The tooth may need a crown to restore the strength necessary to reduce the chances of breaking again.

Appearance – does the tooth show when you smile? If so, most people want a natural looking  restoration.

Security – do other problems threaten the future health of your tooth? If there is evidence of gum disease or a  problem with the nerve of the tooth, we will tell you before recommending treatment.

We explain which treatment will be most effective – we present your treatment options, as well as the risks, benefits and alternatives of each one. Of course, we always explain the cost of each treatment option, and give you a written estimate before you begin treatment including your estimated insurance benefits.

We can show you how you can delay treatment without compromising your dental health. If you need treatment, but the cost or inconvenience just couldn’t come at a worse time, we can help. We can show you how most problems can be managed with relatively inexpensive provisional (temporary) treatment. That way, you can delay the time and expense of permanent treatment without compromising the quality of your permanent care.

Above all, we are committed to helping you make the choices about your care that most benefit you.
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