At some point, the loss of teeth may become inevitable, but suffering is still optional. Implants have become the standard of care for people who refuse to forfeit their comfort and dignity simply because their mouth has changed.

Implants are essentially posts that are imbedded in the bone on the upper or lower jaw. They are made from specific materials designed to encourage the body to accept the implant as part of the natural biologic system, so that the bone actually integrates the implant into the natural bone structure by growing onto and through it.

Each implant offers an opportunity to attach dental work to it. Implants can support new crowns, bridges and dentures. With the proper design, implants can provide the support necessary to replace all the teeth from the upper or lower arch. Then we can place permanent bridgework, creating a natural look and feel. 

If you still need dentures for facial support or because too much bone has been lost to disease, implant support can offer unprecedented stability. This is particularly important for lower dentures, which up to now have been one of dentistry’s most frustrating answers to tooth loss. But also, we can make upper dentures that do not cover your palate, giving you a profoundly greater sense of taste and temperature.

Often, however, we can restore your natural teeth. The decision whether to save the natural tooth or replace it with an implant should be yours. If that decision is based on the increased cost of implants, it should be based on YOUR finances, not the dentist’s.

We offer you more than the latest implant techniques. We offer you our integrity. We’ll never pressure you to accept a high-tech solution to a problem that could have been solved by skillfully performed traditional dentistry. We do both things well.

We invite you to explore the options for comfort, appearance and dignity that modern dentistry can now offer you. You can feel safe to make new choices if you wish, knowing that you are with people who are safe to trust.  

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