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Assessing Your Health
We start by listening to you. Only you can tell us about your concerns, your discomfort and what you’d like to change. 

We thoroughly examine your mouth, your teeth, your soft tissues and the condition of your existing dentistry. We take highly accurate, low-radiation digital x-rays. We can even photograph a problem with a tooth and show you the x-ray and photograph on a flat-screen TV monitor right at your chair.

When we’ve gathered all of the information necessary to make an informed choice, we help you understand your treatment options. We explain the advantages, any possible risks and the cost of each choice. We never attempt to pressure you to make a choice you’re not comfortable with, and we show you how you can delay permanent treatment without compromising the quality of your care when necessary. To learn more about our focus on collaborative decision making with our patients, go to Let's Start With Diagnosis.

Prophylaxis (Teeth Cleaning)
Do you put off routine dental care because you don’t like the discomfort of having your teeth cleaned or the lectures about taking better care of your teeth? Teeth cleaning shouldn’t hurt—and we take the time to make sure it doesn’t. It shouldn’t be irritating, either—so we won’t lecture you. We want you to look forward to the regular visits that are so essential to your dental health.

Have you brightened your smile with bleaching? We give you free bleach during your regular continuing care visits. Need to learn more about how to care for your gums? We do that too. We offer everything you need to maintain a bright smile and healthy gums. To learn more about how we help you protect the health of your gums and the whiteness of your smile during regular visits, go to Preventive Maintenance for Your Teeth and Gums.

Advanced Periodontal Care (When a Cleaning Is Not Enough…)

Did you know that most adults who have gum disease have absolutely no symptoms? Are you aware that chronic periodontal (gum) problems can cause more than just loss of teeth? Periodontal disease is linked with many serious conditions that are impacted by chronic infection, from diabetes to heart disease. Some researchers now believe periodontal disease can shorten your life expectancy. 

If you have advanced periodontal problems, cleanings are not enough. But is surgery always necessary? We recommend nonsurgical periodontal therapy to reverse gum disease. To learn more about how periodontal disease affects your health, and how to control this destructive chronic infection without surgery, go to Improving the Health of Your Gums Without Surgery.  

Maintaining the Strength and Beauty of Your Teeth

Most adults can put over 300 pounds of force per square inch on their back teeth, so it’s little wonder that teeth break down over time. Add to that the destructive nature of bacteria, and you have a recipe for decay, fractures and the eventual failure of old fillings and crowns. 

Dentistry offers an array of choices for restoring decayed or broken teeth. But even people who are usually good at making decisions often find it difficult to know which dentistry to choose.
To better understand how we take the confusion out of difficult treatment choices, click on Help Me Decide What to Do About My Tooth.

Dentures and Partial Dentures

Making attractive, comfortable dentures is becoming a lost art. We have the experience and take the time to create comfortable and beautiful dentures. For patients who struggle with the stability of their full dentures, we offer both standard implants and the mini-implant anchoring system.  
If you wear a partial denture, we design your appliance to offer maximum support and chewing efficiency while protecting the remaining teeth that support it. Many treatment alternatives exist—we always work with you to find the right one for you. To learn more, go to Dentures: One Size Does Not Fit All.

Designing Beautiful Smiles 

We have over thirty years of experience at creating and maintaining bright and attractive smiles for famous as well as not-so-famous people who simply want a stunning smile. Our individualized smile plan assures a new and lasting smile that is just right for you. 

And did you know that most new smiles do not have to be done all at once? You may be able to achieve a stunning new smile over a period of months—or even years. That way, you can save for the next phase of treatment or make the most of your insurance benefits. Whether you want your new smile instantly or over time, we have a plan to help you reach your goal. Go to Choose a Winning Smile for complete details and a link to photos and testimonials by our patients. 

Need your smile brightened? We do that—and when you are finished bleaching, we’ll provide free bleach during your regular continuing care visits.
Complex Restorative Treatment

If you need extensive dental treatment to save your remaining teeth, correct a bite problem or replace missing teeth, we can help you. We can put our thirty years of experience to work to help you find a treatment option that works for you. Whether you choose strong and beautiful porcelain crowns and bridges to save the teeth you have, or decide to restore your chewing and your smile using the support offered by implants, we can give you back the look, the comfort and the confidence you want. For more information on treating complex problems, go to Taking Back the Comfort and Appearance of Your Smile


Implants are truly one of dentistry’s modern miracles. Once experimental, they’re now the standard of care for patients who have missing teeth and want to look and feel their best. We can show you how you can preserve your bone structure to avoid facial changes, save additional teeth from being drilled for traditional bridgework and maintain a natural and attractive appearance. To better understand this process, go to The Miracle of Implants. 

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