Putting Comfort First

Putting Comfort First

Our practice is dedicated to the belief that dental care is most effective when it’s performed thoughtfully and individually, one person at a time. The reason for that reality is that all people are different, with different problems and different needs. To understand those needs, we take the time to do something pretty remarkable in today’s world.

We listen. We allow time for you to tell us about your concerns, and what you feel you need. Of course, we know there are sometimes problems you can‘t feel or see. 

We will look, and then show you what we find. We will perform a thorough examination of your teeth and gums. Sometimes, people are afraid that will mean more problems. We believe that as partners in your dental health, we need to advise you if there’s a problem you should know about. We also believe a picture's worth a thousand words, so we share what we find with you on a flat-screen monitor right at your chair, where you can see it also.

We’re always straight with you. We recognize the difference between telling and selling. We explain everything, including the risk of doing nothing at all. We never pressure you. We give you the means to decide what you want to do in advance, including costs. We know that each person will make the choice that is right for them.

We give you choices. If you need treatment, we help you to understand your choices. If time or money is a problem, we show you how temporary treatment can help you to avoid compromising your care by delaying permanent treatment.
If you need treatment, you’ll rarely need to wait, since we don’t “double-book” our patients. When you’re with us, you receive our full attention.

We’re serious about eliminating pain. Most discomfort in the dental chair—especially discomfort from injections—can be avoided by slowing down for a moment and taking the time to perform the procedure thoughtfully. We’re well known among our patients for our painless injections.

One more thing—we follow up. For thirty years, each evening we have called every patient who received treatment that day to make sure they’re comfortable. We are always available to our patients, as well as their friends or families for emergencies. When you become our patient, you become part of our family. 

If our personalized approach is what you’re looking for, please click on Services to learn more about what we do.

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