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If you’re unable to chew or speak comfortably, or smile confidently, then your teeth and gums are no longer doing their job properly. If your bite feels wrong or your jaw joints hurt, we can help you. If previous dental work has attempted to solve your problem without success, continue reading—you are in the right place. Lost or damaged teeth can be replaced or restored to provide natural function and appearance to your mouth. 

You have many options, from implant-borne hybrid restorations to fixed or removable prosthodontics. Of course, these words probably mean very little to you. 

That brings us to the real problem. We at Clyde L. Schultz, DDS, understand what these words mean—we’ve been providing complex treatment solutions for people with dental problems for over thirty years. The real problem is that unless someone takes the time to help you understand your options, you aren’t ready to choose the treatment that best suits you. 

That’s why we focus on helping you to understand the treatment options that will offer you the best results. If there is more than one option (and there usually is) we help you to understand the total cost, the benefits and any risks of that treatment option, before you choose. We listen to your questions, and give you honest answers.

We will never make your treatment more complicated or expensive than it needs to be. And we offer you the comfort and security of being part of our dental family. We are always available for after-hours emergencies, should you find yourself in the middle of a weekend dental problem. You will never leave our office without a presentable smile—even when you are in mid-treatment.

We are serious about painless dentistry—from painless injections to injection-free procedures whenever possible. We call every patient the evening after their appointment if treatment required anesthesia, to make sure they are comfortable. 

If you are finally going to deal with that nagging dental problem that just won’t go away, you couldn’t choose a more caring dental team to help you do it. 

So don’t worry if you don’t know whether your restorations should be based on lithium disilicate or zirconia or why cross-arch stabilization is essential for your comfort in certain situations. We do. We’ll make your problem easy to understand and your treatment comfortable and effective.

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