A Winning Smile

Your smile sends a powerful message. Is it the message you want to send? If you could change your smile, what would you change about it?

You are a unique person—they only made one of you. It would be a mistake to make the same smile for everyone—because each person needs their own unique smile. We design your smile just for you. 

It would also be a mistake to assume that everyone needs to change all of their teeth to have the smile they want. If crooked teeth are a concern, perhaps starting with Invisalign invisible braces would correct what you don’t like about many of your front teeth.

Want them whiter? You can bleach before designing your new smile. Surprise! You don’t need to change as many teeth as you thought to have that new smile! 

If you already have crowns, you are obligated to have crowns again. Maybe your existing crowns don’t have the translucent vitality or the size and shape you want, or they have developed dark lines along the gumline. You can change those crowns for strong and natural looking all—porcelain crowns that have that “I’ve never been to the dentist” look. All porcelain crowns never show dark lines, because they don’t have any metal in them. 

If your teeth have never been treated before, then maybe a more conservative approach would be better for you. You can have veneers—ultrathin individual covers—made for your teeth and bonded on. Often, veneers can be made with little or no drilling on your natural tooth.
We can also discuss how you can have your smile changed in phases.

So many possibilities mean there are so many choices. We will help you to understand every possibility, and help you to make choices that are best for the unique person that you are.

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