Preventive Maintenance

Americans spend over 10 billion dollars a year trying to avoid mouth odor with breath mints. 

Yet, regular dental cleanings could prevent bad breath instead of trying to cover it up.

So why don’t more people make sure they get regular dental care? Because they hate going to the dentist.  Is that honest enough? It is that plain and simple.

Most people who avoid going to the dentist either don’t want a lecture about taking better care of their teeth, or they’re afraid it will hurt. So let’s talk about that now.

First, we will never lecture you or assign blame for dental problems.

In over 32 years of dental practice, we have yet to meet a patient who got a toothache on purpose or a cavity because they deserved it. We love our patients, and reject disease. We never confuse the two.

Second, we make sure our cleanings don’t hurt. 

Regular maintenance is essential to a healthy mouth and a healthy body. But some people are more sensitive than others—so we don’t clean everyone’s teeth the same way.

We can numb your teeth and gums without injections using a new gel which is applied at the gumline. 

We have a proven sonic technique for cleaning teeth without scraping. It’s called piezoelectric. Although it’s not reached some offices yet, we have used it for over 15 years. It creates gentle sonic waves that free the surfaces of teeth from hard deposits without scraping. 

We apply fluoride and recalcifying agents (they actually return calcium to the tooth surface) to help the tooth restore itself to reduce natural sensitivity.

Now, let’s talk about why regular cleanings are so important.

The great thing about your gums is that they almost never hurt—even when they are infected—and the worst thing about your gums is that they almost never hurt—even if they are infected. You might know if you have a cavity because your tooth is suddenly more sensitive to sweets or temperature. But if you have gum disease, your body has no way to tell you. And since three out of every four people suffer from gum disease, chances are you have it. The only way to know for sure is to have a thorough examination of your gums.

After we examine your gums, we will tell you what kind of care your gums need. If your gums primarily need preventive maintenance, we will show you exactly what it will take to keep your tissue healthy and your breath fresh.

We do have a “whitening forever” program. 

If you use safe and effective custom trays to bleach your teeth, we will resupply you with bleach for your trays at no charge during your regular visits, even if your trays were made by a previous dentist – simply keep your scheduled continuing care appointments. We want you to feel great about your smile—always.

If you suspect that you have gum problems, or you know from past treatment that you do, click on Advanced Periodontal Care (When a Cleaning Is Not Enough) on our Services page.

Don’t let gum disease affect your health and your attractiveness to others. You can prevent it. 

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