Why People Choose Us

Why Patients Choose Dr. Clyde L. Schultz in Petaluma, CA

People choose us for a number of reasons.

We are a general dentistry practice—providing total dental care for our patients. We have over thirty years of experience supported by the latest digital technology.  With all of our new technology, people often ask us:

“Do you still just do fillings?”  Yes we do…

We do fillings and crowns and replace missing teeth—just as you would expect from a general dentistry office. We also design brilliant new smiles for people who want to improve on what nature gave them, and provide powerful and effective preventive care for patients who want to protect what nature gave them.

We care for family members of all ages. Most children in our practice require little more than kindness, prevention of decay with cleanings and fluoride, and careful attention to the development of their adult teeth.

Our experience and training has prepared us to do so much more…

We serve adult patients with a wide range of concerns, from gum problems and dental decay to worn or missing teeth. We are particularly successful in helping people with advanced dental problems, including those that cause difficulty chewing or speaking. Often, patients who are victims of problem appliances or dentures find that our experience and skills are just what they needed.

Why do four generations of Petaluma families choose us?

They know from experience that we care.

Our patients trust us. You don’t keep the trust of families unless you treat them like family. People choose us because we respect their appointment time, and rarely make them wait. They choose us because we give them straight and honest advice about their options when a family member needs treatment.

Our patients appreciate the way we take extra time to minimize the chance of discomfort from an injection, and the extra care we put into temporary restorations. They notice the extra care—like calling each patient in the evening after their dental appointment to make sure they are comfortable.

Our patients know that they can always count on us to be available in case of emergency, and they have the phone numbers to find the doctor in case of an emergency.

Our most satisfied patients are people who demand exceptional dental care. They assume an active role in choosing the right course of action to protect their dental health. They have a personal commitment to their own well-being, and expect a personal commitment in return from their health care professionals.
Why do People Choose Us? 
Because we never forget what it's like to be the patient. 

To see what makes us different, click on How We Put Your Comfort First 

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